Building a Difference is a fast paced documentary TV series featuring people, organizations, and charities that are truly building a difference in the lives of those in desperate need. Our cameras put you there as lives are dramatically changed through selfless efforts of others giving from their resources, time and hearts.

Our hope is that YOU will be inspired to do similar good works within your sphere of influence for the people who need it the most. We hope you enjoy our collection of life-changing documentaries.

8/11/14 - Watch our Latest Honduras Video

Want to see a sneak peak of what we are dong behind the scenes for Volume 4?

8/10/14 - Building a Difference in Tanzania!

We are preparing for our next trip to Tanzania, Africa with Go To Nations!

8/1/14 - Mystery Building about to be Revealed!

Will the secret mystery building at New Life be finally revealed???

7/3/14 - Building a Difference Around the World

See where we are heading in the next year around the world! Join us!

7/1/14 - Building a Difference helps nonprofits on a local & international level!

Go To Nations and GloDev has officially joined the family of Building a Difference and off to a great start with a brand new video campaign!

6/25/14 - July 27th Missions Trip to Honduras!

We will be taking a group to San Pedro Sula, Honduras for our first missions trip!

6/20/14 - WATCH our LIVE One Spark Videos

We interviewed innovative charities at One Spark. Watch them now!


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