Building a Difference is a fast paced documentary TV series featuring people, organizations, and charities that are truly building a difference in the lives of those in desperate need. Our cameras put you there as lives are dramatically changed through selfless efforts of others giving from their resources, time and hearts.

Our hope is that YOU will be inspired to do similar good works within your sphere of influence for the people who need it the most. We hope you enjoy our collection of life-changing documentaries.

4/4/14 - Building a Difference at One Spark's 5-Day Festival

JOIN US at the Omni Hotels & Resorts at our LIVE set!

3/8/14 - See Us at One Spark!

Building a Difference is at One Spark, Downtown Jacksonville, FL April 9-13

3/1/14 - Friends & Broadcast Partners at NRB!

Exec. Producer/Director Mick Richards joined our friends & broadcast partners at this year's NRB!

2/22/14 - Get to Know Bradley on Lisa Daggs Show!

Co-host Bradley Paul Clark sits down with Lisa Daggs on her radio show!

2/15/14 - New Life 7-Anniversary Photos!

See our photos from New Life USA's 7-year anniversary in Cabool, MO!

1/20/14 - Welcome to the Family Dawn Davis!

Meet our new Partnership Coordinator Dawn Davis - Read her story here!

12/18/13 - WATCH our CHRISTMAS Story!!!

Watch for FREE how BUILDERS CARE helps a little girl after a heart transplant!


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